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Modern directions and prospects for development of scientific research on the geometry and graphics: a review of the reports of the International Conference ICGG 2014

Фото Volkov Vladimir Yakovlevich
Фото Kaygorodtseva Natalya Viktorovna
Фото Panchuk Konstantin Leonidovich


The reforming of the higher education and science happening now in Russia are caused by need of its inclusion in world integration process. In reforming there are numerous problems and targets for the successful solution of which is necessary to rely on the experience and achievements as of his country and other countries. Therefore it is very useful to carry out the analysis during own reforming, to estimate experience and a current state of science and education of other countries. Authors were participants of the 16th International conference on geometry and graphics (ICGG 2014) and on the basis of materials of reports they made the survey analysis of a current state of geometry and graphics abroad. A simple glance at the results of the analysis leads to the conclusion that at present descriptive geometry is in demand as an academic discipline and as an applied science, and modern graphics CAD - a tool for the implementation of its projection methods.

Keywords: Descriptive Geometry, Geometric-graphic teaching, Modular Constructions, Geometry of Origami, CAD